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Perfect Vinyasa Yoga
Perfect Vinyasa Yoga

(60 min class) Vinyasa yoga is often considered the most athletic yoga style. Vinyasa is a term used to describe continuous or dynamic movements between yoga poses. This flow of movement is excellent for getting your heart rate going and working up a sweat. Vinyasa can also help increase flexibility, strength, stability, calmness, and focus while being socially engaging.

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Beginner & Gentle Yoga
Beginner & Gentle Yoga

Explore the fundamentals yoga as well as learning traditional poses& (breathing techniques) You’ll challenge yourself as you work at your own level in a safe and supportive environment. Modifications will be offered as you practice each pose.

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Perfect Build & Burn Yoga
Perfect Build & Burn Yoga

(60 min) This practice will build all over muscular body and mental strength and stamina using yoga inspired drills and static posture sequences. The class closes with a yin segment and savasana. All levels can do this class. Participants will deeply engage upper/lower body and core muscles, then have the opportunity to allow stillness, gravity in grounded poses to release tension.

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Mind And Body Classes Taught In Room With Himalayan Salt Wall

Providing Benefits

1. Helps reduce allergy & asthma symptoms
2. Increases Energy Levels
3. Better sleep
4. Improves mood and concentration
5. Helps treat seasonal affect disorder

Golf Simulation

Looking for fun? Need an outlet for stress? Or just need to practice your hobby? Perfect Fitness offers Simulation Golf for men, women, and children - Whether you are a seasoned golfer or new to golf, we will help you achieve your best swing.

High-Definition Golf™ 3d Simulators.
You can practice or play a round of golf. Inclement weather is never an issue.

Private Games - Private Lessons - Group Classes - Corporate Events.
Offering over 50 world-class golf courses.


Tanning / Towel Service / Smoothie/ Wellness Bar/ Heated Sauna / Himalayan Salt Wall
Himalayan Salt Wall - Can help reduce allergy & asthma symptoms, help increase energy levels, help improve mood and concentration, helps with seasonal affective disorder.

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